Northbridge Insurance helps Solomon & Sons rise from the ashes

Project Description

When a worker reported seeing smoke rising from Solomon & Sons’ heavy duty mechanic shop on February 19, 2013, all the team could do was get everyone out in time before fire overtook the entire building. Soon after, despite efforts by the firefighters, the Dryden, Ontario business burned to the ground.

Not only did this major loss threaten to destroy the livelihood of everyone who worked there, but because most of the area’s transportation and shipping operations—fleets that deliver fuel, milk, and food, for example—rely on Solomon & Sons to keep their trucks and machines going, the loss had the potential to affect the entire Dryden community.

Thankfully, that’s not how this story ends.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Northbridge Insurance and one of their key broker partners, Gillons Insurance, Solomon’s was up and running again within 72 hours.

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