Auto theft in Canada in 2019

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Have you locked your car door? That’s a great start if you’re trying to keep your vehicles safe, but these days, it’s probably not going to cut it. The number of reported auto thefts in Canada is continuing to rise, despite advancements in auto technology and the anti-theft measures built into newer vehicles. So, what’s driving auto theft in Canada, how is technology making vehicles vulnerable, and what do you need to know to manage your risk?

The Northbridge team has combed through our reported auto theft data taken from recent years and the first half of 2019 to uncover patterns that may help clarify the risk to vehicle owners across the country. From understanding new carjacking methods to using extra caution when driving a sought-after model, there are some things to keep in mind that will help you stay vigilant and in control of your fleet.

What are the most frequently stolen cars in Canada?title page of auto theft white paper

It’s a more difficult question to answer than it may seem. Your risk for having your vehicle stolen could depend on your city, region, or province. Then there’s your defense against theft: do you rely on the factory-installed anti-theft device, or have you taken matters into your own hands? Your vehicle make and model can also play a role – and keep in mind that both new and older cars and trucks can be tempting targets.

Once you’re more familiar with what’s happening on the streets around your home, your work, and wherever else you may choose to travel, you can focus your attention on safeguarding your vehicles. Read our special report on auto theft in Canada to get a handle on what’s happening, your level of risk, and how you can better protect your vehicles at home and at work.

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