The construction industry is evolving – shouldn’t your insurance coverage?

When risks and hazards threaten to derail your projects, our construction project insurance can respond quickly with reliable support that will help you build on your company’s success.

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Specialized construction coverage tailored to your needs

We know that construction risks come in different forms. Exposures can vary in size, complexity, and duration, and they can evolve as the project continues. We’ve built our construction project insurance coverage with these facts in mind.


Our insurance addresses all sorts of risks construction professionals may meet over the course of a project, whether residential, commercial, institutional, or infrastructure-related. Coverage can extend to a range of new construction projects involving:

  • New Infrastructure
  • Highway, Street, and Road
  • Sewer and Watermain
  • Commercial, Institutional, Office, and Retail Buildings
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Industrial Plazas
  • Warehouses
  • High Rises, Townhouses, and Apartments
construction-specific insurance

We like to keep things clear, simple, and straightforward. Construction project insurance combines the core coverage you expect with enhanced features that could save your project and your bottom line. Do you rely on your vehicles to get the job done? How does your liability coverage measure up? You’ll likely want to have some construction-specific insurance in your policy, like:

  • Builder’s Risk
  • Wrap-up Liability
  • Project Interruption Costs
  • Non-owned Automobile Liability

We can also customize your policy to protect your tools and equipment, and address other liability concerns so you can rest assured that all your bases are covered from the project start to finish. Your policy is also CCDC compliant, balancing the interests of all parties involved in the job.

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When can construction project insurance come to your rescue?

When a project involves many people, many tasks, and many risks, problems can arise quickly. The key is to have the support you need to react immediately and get things back on track as soon as possible.

There are a few features in your project insurance policy that can be particularly helpful in these situations. They fall under the two main coverages: Builder’s Risk and Wrap Up Liability.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

As a construction project unfolds, more materials accumulate, and more effort goes into the work. That means there’s more to lose is if something was to damage or interrupt the project during the course of construction – in fact, losses could easily total in the millions.

Builder’s Risk can insure project owners and contractors for their labour, equipment, temporary infrastructure, or building materials against common perils like fire or theft while the project is underway.

Project Interruption Costs
Project Interruption Costs

Unexpected events can delay a build, resulting in extra costs that may fall to your business. For instance, if a fire on the project site delays the completion of a new apartment building, there can be extra expenses and a loss of potential rental income while the project completion date is pushed back. The Project Interruption Costs extension can cover some of those expenses that arise due to the building delay.

Testing of Building Systems
Testing of Building Systems

Tests can turn up big problems. For instance, a general contractor turns on the newly-installed HVAC system to ensure everything is in good working order, which causes an electrical short that damages some of the wiring and HVAC components. This is when they’d need the Testing of Building Systems extension – it covers mechanical or electrical breakdown during start-up or system testing within 30 days of installation.

Sewer & Road Extension
Sewer & Road Extension

Picture this: harsh winter weather shuts down a sewer installation project site, forcing your team to move the uninstalled piping to a fenced-in storage area. When you’re ready to resume construction, you go to collect the piping only to find that it’s been stolen. Fortunately, the Sewer & Road Extension provides specific coverage for projects involving sewers or watermains, so your stolen piping would be covered (for up to 180 consecutive days after construction has halted).

Pollution Clean Up & Removal
Pollution Clean Up & Removal

A project site that houses various oils and chemicals could be prone to messy and dangerous accidents. If the worksite was damaged by a fire, causing the oils and chemicals to seep into the ground, the Pollution Clean-Up & Removal extension will pay for the professional clean-up of the pollutants on the project site.

Wrap Up Liability

This coverage is another typical requirement in building construction, renovation, and heavy civil projects, but it involves liability instead of property protection. It’s widely used in large construction contracts, where many parties need uniform coverage but each person may need to access the coverage individually.

Like Commercial General Liability, but more specific to construction projects, Wrap Up Liability is designed to protect construction contractors and subcontractors from third party and general liability exposures – it can help if a lawsuit is brought against them during the project.

Project Specific Coverage
Project Specific Coverage

Despite your care and caution, disaster can hit suddenly on a construction site. For instance, a subcontractor could drop a brick from several stories up during the construction of a high rise condominium. If that brick were to hit a pedestrian, your Wrap Up Liability would provide coverage in place of the subcontractor’s own insurance policy.

Non-Owned Automobile
Non-Owned Automobile

If an employee drives their own vehicle for company business, their own insurance could be insufficient to cover bodily injury and damage to another person if they got into an accident. If such an incident happened while an employee was driving their van to pick up tools from your equipment rental company, your Non-Owned Automobile extension could provide coverage.

Remedial Work Coverage
Remedial Work Coverage

In some cases, you can run into project problems after the Wrap Up Liability has lapsed – this is where the Remedial Work Coverage extension comes into play. For example, a new condo unit owner reports that the hot and cold water faucets were installed in reverse order. The plumbing subcontractor returns to fix the problem and while welding the pipes, the drywall dust ignites and damages the tile work.

In this case, the Wrap Up Liability is no longer valid, but since the work is directly related to correcting deficiencies in the original project, Remedial Work Coverage would apply (within one year of the project completion).

Completed Operations Period
Completed Operations Period

Flooding can sometimes be traced back to faulty pipe installation during construction. If a pipe bursts months after the building was completed, causing significant water damage, you could be left with a major expense if your company was at fault. However, with Completed Operations coverage (which can extend 12, 14, or 36 months) the property damage would be covered, as long as it occurred within the timeframe indicated in your policy.

Managing Risk

Risk management is a smart investment – we provide it at no extra cost!

We know that your unique set of risks can differ from the risks other construction and contracting companies face. We believe that you can avert some of those exposures with the right information and some smart guidance.

Our value-added services focus on helping you identify and mitigate the risks your business faces each day. From fire and theft to water damage and third party injury, construction hazards can come in many forms. In-person consultations and project site assessments carried out by experienced Risk Services experts can leave you with the knowledge and confidence you need to protect every aspect of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

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