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A witness to help defend your vehicles, train your drivers, and improve your business. Dashboard cameras – or dash cams – are no longer rare indulgences. More trucking professionals around the world are counting on the silent support of these cameras that sit on your dash to capture footage of incidents on (and off) the road.

We’ve joined forces for you!

We know the value that dash cams can bring, which is why Northbridge has partnered with BlackBoxMyCar, a leading Canadian dash cam distributor, to offer you their leading technology and high-quality equipment at a great discount. Now you can outfit your vehicles with the dash cams you need to keep your company on track.

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How do dash cams work?

Some cams feature multiple recording modes, or a built-in GPS system that tracks vehicle speed and location.

As the name implies, dash cams are compact recording devices that secure to your dashboard or windshield, but they can come in different forms and with different functions.

A camera fixed to the front dash is known as 1-channel. Rear dash cams are also available, and when used with a front dash cam, they make a 2-channel setup. Some cams feature multiple recording modes, or a built-in GPS system that tracks vehicle speed and location.

The camera records the footage and audio on a micro SD memory card in a looping manner, which means the cam overrides the oldest footage when it starts a new recording cycle. This ensures no event is missed, but the memory card needs to be top quality to withstand this constant overwriting.

What can dash cams do for you? More than you might think.

Catching an event on video is helpful for a variety of reasons. Consider how dash cams can…

Provide transparent evidence in the event of a claim

Dash cams can’t prevent a collision, but they could help protect you from legal fallout. Camera footage can provide a clear account of the events leading to a collision, theft, or hit-and-run, and in some cases this evidence can even expedite a settlement. It follows that the more powerful and versatile the dash cam, the clearer you can make your case – choose a cam with advanced features for the best support.

Offer peace of mind whenever you’re on the road

All sorts of risks and potential hazards can make for a stressful drive. If bad weather, highway construction, and a tight deadline are keeping you on edge, rest assured that should something go wrong, you’re not alone. It’s always better to avoid a collision, but having an extra pair of eyes on the scene can help shoulder the burden of remembering and reporting if one occurs.

Serve as a training tool

Fleet owners and managers can make use of dash cam footage to review driver behaviour and critically assess areas for improvement. Simply having a dash cam installed can encourage better behaviour on the road, but you can also use footage to demonstrate good habits to your drivers in an effort to improve performance across the board.

Keep watch 24/7

Dash cams are clearly valuable when it comes to recounting a serious highway collision, but what if something happens while the vehicle is parked? Fortunately, dash cams with parking mode activated can jump to attention and record video when movement is detected – even if the vehicle is turned off.

Innovation, support, and savings: here’s what we can offer

Northbridge specializes in insurance, but that’s not the only way we can help our valued customers. Our extensive network of risk management experts, commitment to innovation, and solid partnerships with industry leaders combine to deliver a comprehensive service that helps protect your bottom line at every point of your professional journey.

Our relationship with BlackBoxMyCar helps us tap into cutting-edge technology to address the ongoing challenges with collision reporting and fair resolution in commercial vehicle claims.

A variety of features to suit your operation

We know needs can differ depending on the type, size, and nature of your fleet of vehicles, but you should never sacrifice function. When selecting your dash cams, you’ll want to consider:

  • Product quality. Look for a temperature-resistant model, backed by a reliable warranty and track record. Battery life, storage capacity, G-sensor, and driver notification systems are also worth considering.
  • Video quality. Look for a camera that captures seamless footage in high definition, and consider models that offer a high-quality lens for effective nighttime footage.
  • Size. Smaller cameras are more discrete, discouraging theft and minimizing visual obstructions that may impede the driver’s view.
  • Connectivity. Cameras with built-in GPS capabilities can store driver speed locally, while Wi-Fi- enabled cameras allow for viewing on smartphones and tablets.
A deep discount for larger orders

Need a single unit? We can help. Need more? You can reap huge rewards if you opt to protect your whole fleet through our dash cam deal. Here’s the level of savings we can offer:

  • 10% off
    orders of less than 100 units
  • 12% off
    orders of 100 to 199 units
  • 18% off
    orders of 200 units or more

Northbridge is thrilled to extend this offer to any customer looking to upgrade their safety and security setup for minimal investment.

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