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Dashboard cameras, or dashcams, continue to prove their value time and time again (just do a YouTube search!), with growing interest from truck transportation professionals.

We’re proud to announce our partnership with a leading Canadian dashboard camera provider – making it easier for our customers to access high-quality dashcams at an affordable price.

Dashcams offer maximum peace of mind for a minimal investment. They can provide transparency in the event of a claim and have even proven invaluable as a training tool.

The lowdown on dashcams

Dashcams are placed on a truck’s dashboard or windshield, and are intended to record front-facing video. More advanced types can record rear views and some are even equipped with specialized sensors to support more effective night-time recordings.

While there is a wide array of dashcams available – all differing significantly in build and performance quality – we suggest looking out for these must-have features when making a purchase.

What should I look for?

Video quality

Look for a camera with a video resolution of at least 720 pixels (HD). We recommend going with a 1080 pixels (full-HD) camera.

Night vision

The ability to record good quality video footage at night is what separates premium cameras from the average. Make sure that your camera is able to capture quality footage independent of sunlight if you drive a lot at night.

Looping video

An absolute must in a dashcam, to make sure your camera doesn’t stop recording when it runs out of memory. Loop recording means that once your storage is full, the camera automatically overwrites the oldest files on the memory card, thus enabling it to record indefinitely.


G-sensor or motion detection is a useful feature. When the G-sensor notices an impact, it automatically marks the current footage for safekeeping, so that it doesn’t get deleted by loop recording.

Temperature resistance

One of the biggest killers of dashcams is heat. Heat can cause electronics to fail or malfunction, or cause components to crack. For temperatures greater than 30°C buying a camera with heat tolerance is essential.

Parking mode by motion detection

If someone damages the vehicle in the absence of the driver, a dashcam with ‘parking mode’ will come to life and start recording, leaving you with footage of what happened.

Storage capacity

A large storage capacity assures drivers that they have enough footage over the day to address any reported claims of improper driving.

Size and obscurity

All things being equal, a smaller camera is better for a few reasons. It avoids drawing attention and is easier to hide behind a rear view mirror, keeping the interior clean.


Wi-Fi allows the wireless transfer and viewing of videos using a compatible device. For many, this turns the smartphone into a convenient video playback device.


GPS records location and speed. This is often written directly onto the video and a written log file.

Warranty support

A local, authorized dealer can provide you the peace of mind of warranty and support.

LCD screen

LCD screens provide ease and simplicity. With an LCD screen there is no need for a phone or computer to view videos or change settings. Recorded videos can also be shown roadside to police/witnesses.

Mount types

There are a few different mount types. Tape mounts are very small and works well in all weather conditions, but lack reusability. Suction mounts are good for sharing the camera. A pivoting mount allows rotation of the camera 360° horizontally as well as vertically up and down.

What’s in it for me?

Claims Transparency: Dashcam footage is most commonly used as evidence in the event of a road accident, theft or hit and run. Video is admissible in court, thereby potentially helping to reduce claims settlement time.

Driver Behaviour Management: For fleet managers and owner operators alike, dashcam footage is a great way to look back at trends in driver behaviour to improve bad habits, and demonstrate good habits with peers. Footage is housed in the camera, with available access on an as-needed basis.

I’m on board! How do I get one?

Visit to order your dashcam now.

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