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When you help create positive, memorable occasions, you can keep your patrons coming back for more. But when something goes awry, your business can suffer. Find out how our hospitality and hotel insurance can help keep you catering to happy guests.

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Who needs hospitality insurance?

Do you run a hip hotel? Manage a bustling restaurant? Oversee a seasonal hunting lodge? No matter what hospitality sector your business falls within, you’ll need to keep your property and reputation well protected.

Here are some industries that should consider hospitality and hotel insurance:





Fishing or hunting camps

Fishing or hunting camps



Trailer parks

Trailer parks



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What does hospitality and hotel insurance cover?

Working with our reputed brokers, we tailor our insurance for hospitality professionals to the most prevalent risks in your industry – and to some you may not have considered.

Your policy is built on important coverages for a service-based business. Here are a few ways some key coverages can come to your rescue:


If your kitchen falls short, you need strong support

Even impeccable food safety routines aren’t foolproof. Suppose that during the dinner rush, a customer broke a tooth on a foreign object that had found its way into their food, and now they need expensive dental surgery. Are you prepared to foot the bill? What if several customers suffered the same injury?

You can’t go back in time and eliminate the offending object, but you can do damage control. Your first ally is your commercial general liability (CGL) policy: this is the foundation of your business insurance coverage, and it’s designed to cover costs arising from a bodily injury (or another type of loss to a third party), like legal expenses.

Business interruption

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

Campgrounds and campfires go together like mashmallows and graham crackers, but what happens when that fire gets out of control? Fire damage can be severe, and it’s a top claim for Canadian camp and trailer businesses. Not surprisingly, recovery can be expensive and time consuming – could your business survive if you had to close up for your busiest summer weeks?

If your policy includes business interruption coverage, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be on the line for lost income: it’s designed to replace that expected income, plus it can cover additional operating expenses that result from a covered loss.


Don’t let water damage drown your livelihood

Hotels, inns, and other types of lodging count on building integrity and function – in fact, your business relies on the quality of your shelter! Unfortunately, rain and flooding can quickly demolish your fine furnishings, and if you’re particularly unlucky, even compromise your building’s structure.

A good hospitality and hotel insurance policy will include property coverage to support you in case your building, lot, or important tools and equipment were to be damaged or destroyed. Of course, different types and sizes of businesses will have different coverage needs – that’s where your broker’s guidance comes in handy.

We can include these other helpful coverages for hospitality businesses, too:

  • Crime
  • Cyber risk
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Auto fleet
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Business income
  • Inland marine
  • Commercial automobile
  • Garage automobile
  • Umbrella liability
  • Excess liability
  • Directors & Officers

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What can you expect from your policy?

Construction insurance - Knowledge:


Our underwriting team understands the exposures in the hospitality sector, so we can adapt and expand our offerings as our customers’ needs grow. This means we’ll be able to get you up and running again quickly after an unexpected incident.

Construction insurance - Resolution:


We hope you never experience a loss, but if you do, you can count on our dedicated claims team to help get you back to business. We’ll work together with your broker to get the claims process underway as soon as your claim is reported, and we’ll always keep you in the loop. If any questions or concerns should arise, don’t fret – we’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Construction insurance - Support:


You can enjoy the perks of your policy well before you experience a loss. Our Risk Services team works hard to help keep your business running safely, smoothly, and consistently with detailed bulletins, workplace risk assessments, and onsite training.

Our Assist Services

On top of our comprehensive core coverage and exceptional customer service, your business insurance policy grants you access to our Assist services* for extra peace of mind.

Legal Assist

Need legal advice? You have unlimited telephone access to legal guidance and insight on a wide variety of legal topics related to your business – no question is too small!

Trauma Assist

Losses can bring extreme emotional fallout, so we offer access to confidential 24-hour counselling to help our customers, their employees, and their family members cope.

Risk Management Assist

Our team of Risk Services specialists is at your service: customers can enjoy unlimited telephone access to experts who can help mitigate risks with advice and guidance on a range of loss prevention topics.

Cyber Assist

We’ve partnered with CyberScout to offer consultation on data and cyber risk management, including proactive measures to protect your business and reactive measures to help you recover from a breach.

Learn more about how and when our Assist services can come to your rescue!

Managing Risk

Risk management is a smart investment – and we provide it at no extra cost!

Unparalleled industry expertise, professional guidance, and innovative approaches to managing risk help our Northbridge Risk Services experts stay one step ahead of the crowd. Each year, our team conducts over 5,000 risk assessments and service calls for businesses across Canada. Our onsite assessments are complemented by a selection of in-depth training programs and educational tools to help companies excel in their industries.

Our Risk Services team offers technical publications to help you gain a better understanding of the potential exposures in your industry, and they can provide personal guidance to help fine-tune your daily operations. Find out more about what our experts can do for your business here.

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* Legal Assist not provided for criminal, personal or insurance issues, do not provide representation in legal proceedings or legal fees coverage, and provided by Assistenza International, through lawyers licensed in your jurisdiction. Risk Assist provided by our Risk Services specialists and are intended to augment your internal safety, compliance and risk management practices, and are not a substitute for professional or legal advice. Trauma Assist provided by independent third-party professionals, long-term and specialized counseling not included. Cyber Assist provided by CyberScout services are not included in any cyber extension or endorsements. Services are not an insurance policy, not all policies are eligible, contact us for details.
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