Appetite and Solutions

Our insurance covers a selection of industries, and we tailor our solutions to help brokers meet the needs, risks, challenges, and opportunities in each sector.

Northbridge offers an array of innovative insurance solutions focused on specific industry sectors:

Business insurance - Manufacturing and Resources

Manufacturing and Resources

Business insurance - Construction and Contracting

Construction and Contracting

Business insurance - Consumer and Business Services

Consumer and Business Services

Business insurance - Health, Education and Social Services

Health, Education and Social Services

Business insurance - Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

This segmentation allows us to position people, processes, and infrastructure to better serve the nuances of each specialty area. In turn, we can provide better service, solutions, and value to our broker partners.

We have deep capabilities in all of our target sectors – here’s a brief overview of our appetite in each region.

Insurance Solutions

Mid-market solutions

Large and complex solutions

Specialty risk

Small business solutions

Personal solutions

Looking for more assistance?

If you’d like to discuss a specific risk or sector in more detail, please contact your Business Development Manager or underwriter directly.

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