Coverage to help your machinery and equipment business stay in gear

Your operations rest on expensive production machinery – so do your profits and reputation. The machinery and equipment manufacturing business is the backbone of the whole sector, and that means that there’s little room for error. You could be run into problems during production, during installation, or with the functionality of the finished product. We’re here to help protect your livelihood with coverage for problems that can arise in the workshop and beyond.

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What kind of coverage do machinery and equipment manufacturers need?

Precise tools, multi-step processes, and critical vendor relationships can make the manufacturing of machinery and equipment a difficult job. We’ve compiled a policy to address common challenges, concerns, and demands you could meet at each step of the way, with coverages like:

  • Property Insurance
  • Business Income Insurance
  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Crime Coverage
  • Commercial Automobile Coverage
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Excess Liability Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Insurance
  • Manufacturers’ Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Cyber Risk

Need more? No problem.

We have some automatic extensions too, like Product Recall Expense, Negative Publicity, and Defective Goods Repair or Replacement Extension for claims made.

When can machinery and equipment insurance come to your rescue?

Your business relies on your skill and care as much as it relies on your specialized machinery: if you make a small mistake in the production phase, it could compromise the finished piece of equipment, and the blame could fall on you.

Make sure your tools, machinery, and hard work is covered with some extensions to your basic Commercial General Liability (CGL), Property, and Auto insurance coverage that are particularly helpful for machinery and equipment manufacturers.

Errors and Omissions
Installation Floater
Product Recall

Managing Risk

Risk management is a smart investment – we provide it at no extra cost!

We know that the risks your machinery and equipment manufacturing business faces are different than the risks affecting other types of manufacturing businesses. We also believe that you can help to defend against your unique set of risks with the right information and some smart guidance.

Our value-added services focus on helping you identify and mitigate the risks your business faces each day. An assessment of your protection systems, process equipment, and fire and burglary protection can help uncover the inherent risks associated with the equipment and materials you use. In-person consultations carried out by experienced risk services professionals can leave you with the knowledge and confidence you need to protect every aspect of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Are you ready to set up a comprehensive insurance policy for your machinery and equipment business?

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