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On top of comprehensive insurance coverage for businesses, Northbridge Insurance provides extra services for added peace of mind. Our Legal Assist, Trauma Assist, Risk Management Assist, and Cyber Assist services help us go the extra mile in protecting the things that matter to you most – and they’re all available at no additional cost.

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Legal Assist

Assist Services - Legal Assist

No matter what industry you work in, you may encounter situations where you must contend with various laws and regulations. It can often be confusing and overwhelming. But being well-informed, may help you avoid costly legal proceedings and unnecessary hassles. That’s where Legal Assist* comes in.

This service provides customers with unlimited telephone access to legal advice on a wide variety of legal topics, including commercial, employment and tax law. Since 2010, our eligible customers have been provided with over 23,000 hours of legal advice and have saved an estimated $4 million dollars.1

No question is too small – whether you’re looking for advice on how to protect a new product idea or you need help navigating contract legalese. Legal Assist will be available to provide advice and practical solutions.

1 Dollar value is based on an estimated billable rate of $175 per hour.

Trauma Assist

Assist Services - Trauma Assist

Our customers’ businesses are not the only thing we value; we also care about their well-being. That’s why we offer Trauma Assist,* a service that provides access to confidential 24-hour counselling to help our customers, their employees, and their family members cope with the emotional effects of a loss.

Following a traumatic insured loss such as a lawsuit, fire or robbery, or a loss resulting in a serious workplace injury or death, this service offers access to personal, one-on-one counselling services by telephone or in-office appointments.

If several employees are affected, in-office Critical Incident Stress Management services will also be made available in your workplace. If long-term or specialized counseling is required, a referral to an appropriate resource within the community can be provided. All counselling services are provided by independent third-party professionals and confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Risk Management Assist

Assist Services - Risk Management Assist

Building a business takes a lot of work, so it’s important to protect it from any future losses, if possible. Risk Management Assist* offers customers unlimited telephone access to our team of Risk Services Specialists, who can help you mitigate risks by answering questions and providing guidance on a variety of property, auto, and liability loss prevention topics.

You can get information on fire detection and suppression systems, building security, contractor’s liability and driver training, among other topics. Our Risk Services Specialists, who have years of experience and in-depth knowledge across different industries, can also provide guidance on any regulatory, legislation, or code requirements your business may be dealing with.

Cyber Assist

Assist Services - Cyber Assist

Our world is increasingly data-driven, and the risks associated with electronic data and holding sensitive information have increased. No business is immune to the threat of cybercrime and such an attack could bring your operations to a standstill.

That’s why we’ve partnered with CyberScout, a leading data risk management service provider, to offer Cyber Assist.* This service includes consultation on proactive measures to protect your business as well as reactive assistance in the event of a privacy breach.

Some of the services offered by CyberScout include pre and post privacy breach services, incident response planning, crisis management, notification assistance, and media relations consulting. The service also gives customers access to CyberScout’s website, which provides data protection tips, encryption guides, data breach regulations, and customizable templates to used as part of an incident response plan.

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