Transportation Insurance

Hauling goods means navigating risk on and off the road. We’ve developed a transportation insurance policy to help you avoid problems at the outset and cover you if something goes wrong along the way.

Who needs transportation insurance?

Whether you’re a sole owner-operator, manage a large fleet of trucks, or handle delicate cargo, we can help. From coverage for your cargo to legal support should liability issues arise, we can build you a policy that aligns with your unique set of risks.

Here are some subsectors that should consider tailored transportation insurance:

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Why do you need transportation insurance?

Working with trucks, trailers, and cargo can mean there’s a lot on the line – financially, legally, and with respect to your reputation. You’ll need support to handle the regulation concerns, daily risks, and safety issues that can come with the job.

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Legislation and regulation concerns

From safety standards to commercial truck filings, there are some legal and regulatory requirements to consider. Proving that you have enough liability insurance to meet federal requirements isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. Likewise, you can’t get around inspection obligations, so it’s good to have some expertise in your corner.

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Risks vary, and consequences can be scary

Depending on the goods you haul, the equipment you use, and where you travel, you could face everything from vehicle damage to cargo theft in your day-to-day operations. Events like these can jeopardize safety, revenue, and your good name. A safety net can help keep your business going.

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Specialized hauling calls for specialized coverage

Operating a specialized vehicle – like an oversize trailer or tanker – can mean you face potential hazards that other carriers don’t need to consider. The precision and scope of your operations can push your loss beyond the reach of a general insurance policy. Specific coverage is smarter coverage.

What can we do for you?

Whatever your operations involve – long-haul or local-radius, living cargo, vehicles used in a trailer-interchange agreement – we can help keep you moving with the right coverage.

  • Commercial Automobile Coverage
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Warehousemen’s Legal Liability
  • Property Insurance

Take the first step toward your new and improved policy.

We’ll gladly explain our insurance solutions in detail, to ensure you’re getting the coverage your business truly needs.

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What can you expect from your policy?

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Our underwriting team understands the transportation and logistics sector, and we will expand and adapt our offerings as our customers’ needs grow. This means we’ll be able to get you up and running again quickly after an unexpected incident.

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We hope you never experience a loss, but if you do, you can count on our dedicated claims team to help get you back to business. We’ll work together with your broker to get the claims process underway as soon as your claim is reported, and we’ll always keep you in the loop. If any questions or concerns should arise, don’t fret – we’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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You can enjoy the perks of your policy well before you experience a loss. Our Risk Services team works hard to help keep your operations running safely, smoothly, and consistently with detailed bulletins, workplace risk assessments, and services like on-site driver training and safety management programs.

We take your coverage a few steps further.

Unparalleled industry expertise, professional guidance, and innovative approaches to managing risk help our Northbridge Risk Services experts stay one step ahead of the crowd. Each year, our team conducts over 5,000 risk assessments and service calls for businesses across Canada. Our onsite assessments are complemented by a selection of in-depth training programs and educational tools to help companies excel in their industries.

Our Risk Services team offers a number of technical publications to help you gain a better understanding of the potential exposures in your operation. We’re always adding more Risk Insights to our library – check back often to see what’s new.

If you’d like to receive an electronic or printed version of any of our Risk Insights, please contact your Risk Services consultant or your broker. You can also tap into our expert advice as we explore risk management topics on the Northbridge Insurance blog.

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