Customer Testimonials

Photo of Donnie Fillmore

“Our mileage was 75% to the United States in 2008. Then Wall Street collapsed.”

“We used to haul a lot of construction materials to the States,” says Mr. Fillmore. “We had one customer who went from shipping 8 to 12 loads a day to three loads in three years.”

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Photo of Ray Archer

“Northbridge understands that when a truck is in the shop following a claim, it’s not making money.”

“Before we even made any claims, Northbridge adjusters toured our facilities to better understand our business and equipment,” says Mr. Archer.

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Photo of Brian Kurtz

“Who could possibly keep up with all the new trucking regs? Good thing Northbridge keeps me current.”

“I’m old school,” says Brian Kurtz. “When I started my trucking company over 30 years ago, you didn’t worry too much about the rules. Now there are so many rules and regulations.”

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Photo of Steve Farris

“Northbridge showed me that many of our drivers couldn’t see all the hazards around them.”

“To prevent accidents, Northbridge instituted a mirror adjustment program,” says Steve Farris. “It was so well received by our drivers, I still get feedback today from people who have been driving transport trucks for years.”

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